7th Annual EUSBSR Forum 8-9 November 2016, Stockholm, Sweden.

R//C board members, Intercult, Laimikis.It, Impact Foundation and Baltic Cultural Centre Gdańsk members participated in the Forum’s events and the accompanying program.

The 7th Strategy Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) took place in Stockholm, between 8-9 November 2016, in conjunction with the 18th Baltic Development Forum Summit. 1,300 participants from 42 countries attended the Forum consisting of over 40 seminars and many networking activities.

This year’s general topic of the forum was “One Region, One Future”.

In order to continue the work and spread the expertise, PA Culture hosted a session about cultural diversity, with an emphasis on : “How do CCS encourage cooperation, innovation and inclusion in a culturally diverse Baltic Sea Region”?

The discussion was hosted by Intercult’s Senior Associate Chris Torch,  and the session opened up with a speech by Alice Bah Kuhnke, Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy. Chris was also joined by Larry Ugwu from the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Gdańsk, Susanne Reuszner from Cirkus Cirkör, Sweden and Hania Hakiel from Give Something Back to Berlin and the two experts Tove Malloy, Director of the European Centre for Minority Issues and Bernd Hemingway, Deputy Director of the Council of Baltic Sea States.

Today’s Baltic Sea Region is a pool of a fantastic diversity of people with different cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds. The ten states on the shore of the Baltic Sea contribute significantly to the diversity. Moreover the states’ societal composition opens up an even larger diversity. This provides great potential for cross-cultural and cross-sectorial cooperation that needs to be activated and promoted, also in order to facilitate integration processes more easily.

Forum’s Programme.

Available Materials from the conference.

On Wednesday 9th November,  Europe Direct Intercult jointly with PA Culture organised  the 4th Strategic Project Development Workshop, hosted by Goethe-Institute in Stockholm. This seminar/workshop was organised with the purpose to develop and strengthen co-operations between cultural organisations in the Baltic Sea region. The seminar focused on Audience Development, trying to figure out who possible audiences of international cultural and creative projects are. A key note speaker was a Senior Adviser and Program Director from Intercult – Chris Torch, and the workshop was run by an Audience Development specialist Agata Etmanowicz from Impact Foundation Poland (also a R//C member).

The workshop was part of Intercult’s new project Baltic Audience Links, which is co financed by the Baltic Sea Unit at Swedish Institute in Stockholm.

River//Cities Platform Foundation is a partner in this project, together with Laimikis.lt from Vilnius, Lithuania.

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